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09 June 2013 @ 09:26 pm
What I've Been Reading: 6/9/13 (and other stuff)  
So...stuff's been happening. On the minus side, seeing my dad's mother for the first time since she was admitted to the nursing home a couple of weeks ago -- rail thin, in a wheelchair, easily confused, hardly talking -- was rough. By the time the whole family got to see her she had a huge gash over her eye and bruises up and down her arms because she had fallen out of bed twice -- she thought she could get out of bed by herself, but fell down each time because she still can't (and the way things are looking right now, she probably never will). The doctors there have doubled the dose of her antipsychotic meds so she can sleep better and not have this happen again, which has certainly helped, but at the cost of her being out of it more often and hindering her physical therapy. It's become more obvious with time that she belongs on the dementia floor, but my parents aren't satisfied with the staff since they don't seem to look after her as much and answer their questions about her in a timely manner, and the environment of the place in general is only making matters worse. My dad visits her every day, but a lot of her care is out of his hands at this point, so he's slowly been cleaning out her house and plans to sell it later this summer.

On the plus side, though, my birthday yesterday went well (I got two new shirts and an iTunes gift card, and we went out to eat -- it obviously wasn't much, but I don't need a lot of stuff and I don't like making a big deal of my birthday anyway), my psoriasis is slowly clearing up again, Dan Harmon is coming back to Community (which I honestly didn't see coming at all, but OMG YES SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! because now I can totally look forward to season 5 XDDDDDDDDDDDD), and overall my mood has been ever-so-slightly better than it has been. I was really disappointed with The National's new album Trouble Will Find Me -- I tried to like it, but all the songs sound pretty much the same, it seemed as if the band ended up refining their sound so much they sucked all the soul and life out of it, there's no lyrics that stand out or any other hooks to grab the listener's attention like all their other albums, and it's just plain boring -- but I've enjoyed the latest from Boards of Canada, Tomorrow's Harvest, a hell of a lot more, so that offsets the disappointment at least. ^_^;

Also, edge_chan was interviewed by a big art supply website (exciting!), and even though I don't collect vinyl LPs and hardly care for collecting them at all (unlike some music fans), this ultramarine-colored LP of Young Galaxy's latest album (which is also really good, BTW!) is so cool and I want one. *grabby hands*

kattidya, I got your birthday card in the mail a couple of days ago. Thank you very much!! :D

All right, on to the links, since they've piled up yet again and it'd be nice for my browser to work faster again:

--Does the NSA really need to spy on us?
--The tangled web of empire (more on the recent NSA spying controversy)
--Who Is Afraid of Big Brother? (a somewhat reasoned defense of PRISM)
--Why the NSA Needs Your Phone Calls
--Washington Is Trapped in Its Own Prism of Data-Mining Self-Defense
--Of Course Apple Avoids Billions in Taxes -- And It Should
--Connecticut Boy Scouts Chapter Defects, Welcomes Gay Members to Serve Openly (this includes adults, unlike the BSA's recent decision -- plus this was the council I was a part of when I was younger, so YAY!!!!!)
--The Impossibility of Being Barack Obama
--How the Obama Administration Talks to Black America
--Don't Hold Your Breath Waiting For Public Opinion to Turn Against Obama (this was published before the NSA scandal broke, but IMHO the article's central thesis is still relevant)
--Here's Why the Government Went Ballistic Over the AP Leak
--The EMPire Strikes Back (on why the "threat" of electromagnetic pulse is practically nonexistent)
--Top 10 warning signs of 'liberal imperialism'
--Fear Factor (a defense of drone strikes in foreign countries)

--We've Found the Molecule That Causes Itchiness
--The effect that explains why you regret posting in anger
--You Didn't Have Any Lions to Run From, So You Clicked on This
--Butterflies remember a mountain that hasn't existed for millennia
--We're Only Beginning to Understand How Our Brains Make Maps
--5 Reasons Cold Fusion Is Bunk
--Study: Science Can Change the Sexual Orientations of Mice
--No need to eat like a caveman -- just eat your damn veggies!
--Giant fluorescent pink slugs found on mountain
--Amnesia and the Self That Remains When Memory Is Lost
--How many people really went through with the Milgram Experiment?

--So this is where all our greenhouse gases come from
--How Antarctica Would Look Completely Naked

--Can Space Tourism Save Earth?
--Could we find alien civilizations using infrared light?
--When it comes to exoplanets, science fiction lags way behind science
--How will space colonists access the Internet on Mars?
--Opportunity Finds More Hints of Mars Habitability

--The Video Game Helmet That Can Hack Your Brain (on the growth of brain-computer interfaces and its potential consequences)
--Gorgeous Floating Buildings Around the World

--An Open Letter to Science Students and Science Teachers (on how much needs to be done to improve science education in the U.S.)
--The 12 Most Controversial Facts in Mathematics, and its sequel 9 More Super-Controversial Math Facts That People Refuse to Believe Are True

--Masturbation Is at the Root of the Culture Wars (Hugo Schwyzer generally isn't someone worth listening to when it comes to feminist issues, but this is a good article nonetheless)
--If You Think Like an Imposter, You'll Be an Imposter (good advice for everyone to read)
--"You are all going to die": Joss Whedon's Wesleyan commencement speech (on making peace with contradictions, and the need to look at "both sides" of everything)
--When Men Experience Sexism (on finding a middle ground between militant feminists and MRAs)
--The Questions People Get Asked About Their Race
--Charles Ramsey and the Racial Language Barrier
--What Should I Do With My Life?
--Advice For College Grads From Two Sociologists
--What About the Guys Who Do Fit the 'Gay Stereotype'?
--Why Suicide Has Become an Epidemic -- and What We Can Do to Help
--Survivorship Bias (on the pitfalls of ignoring stories of failure)
--Sex After Dementia
--Why Is It So Hard to Understand What's Wrong With Rape Jokes?
--"The wonderful and frightening thing about Tumblr and Twitter..."
--On Horse Racing, "Break Downs," and Our Humanity
--Optimism Is Not Insane

--22 Maps That Show The Deepest Linguistic Conflicts in America

--Elementary Demonstrates the Right Way to Update a Classic Hero
--The Problem With Celebrating Straight Actors in Gay Roles
--New York PBS station criticizes reality TV with fake subway ads
--The Government Can't Stop Our Heterosexual Love: YA Dystopia From a Gay Perspective
--6 Ways to Survive an 'Internet Drubbing'
--You Won't Finish This Article (no, that's not a challenge)

--Belgian Man Made His Own Samurai Armor (and it's very impressive!)
--Short film "Captain T&T": Boy tries to become a superhero in the violence of Trinidad and Tobago
--Sweet Mother of Assassin's Creed III... (I know zilch about this franchise and fandom, but I'd totally wear something like that too :D)
--"So Dark": A short film that proves even noble vampires can be horrifying

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night_owl_9: Komui Lee - a nice cup of teanight_owl_9 on June 9th, 2013 11:26 pm (UTC)
Ugh, I'm really sorry about your dad's mother. I don't know how well I'd be seeing one of my grandparents in that situation. *hugs*

Happy Belated Birthday! :)

So I'm not insane for being an optimist? That's good to hear :D

As always, thank you for sharing these links :)

n/a: yang [mirror]quadruplify on June 10th, 2013 12:21 am (UTC)
Thank you very much, for both the birthday wishes and the support. *hugs* :D

And you're very welcome for the links! I know it's a lot, so feel free to pick and choose what interests you. ^_^;
Lordeslordes on June 10th, 2013 10:55 am (UTC)
I am so sorry sweetheart, I remember when I saw my gran in the Nursinghome she was in, it was a very difficult thing to accept for me.

I wish you all the strength. *big hugs*
n/a: eva [shinji]quadruplify on June 10th, 2013 06:27 pm (UTC)
Thanks a lot; I really appreciate it. *hugs back*
ariainfected_wound on June 11th, 2013 01:09 am (UTC)
Sorry to hear about your grandma *hugs* :c

And Happy belated Birthday too! ♥♥♥♥

That's a lot of interesting articles. I think I'll check some of them out later... (I totally read the Elementary one though :'D )
n/a: eva [the guys]quadruplify on June 11th, 2013 02:15 am (UTC)
It's been a bit rougher than I thought it was going to be, so thanks. *hugs back*

And thank you very much for the birthday wishes! :D

Yeah, the Elementary article is one of my favorites out of this list; it does a great job explaining why it's one of the best shows on television.